Deep-cleansing bath sponge for supple, smooth skin. The bamboo charcoal cellulose bath sponge is made with hydrophilic foam material that is latex-free and perfect for sensitive skin.

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This sponge is designed to effectively remove dirt and oil while providing comfort during scrubbing. The bamboo charcoal is infused into the sponge with a sophisticated urethane mix to enable the release the release of bamboo charcoal when the sponge reacts with water.

During washing, the bamboo charcoal acts as an oil wicking agent effectively removing oil. The sponge’s surface is specially designed with a high-density cell structure to comfortably get into skins pores scrubbing away dirt, oil, and dead skin from the surface.

Rise with warm water. To remove water from sponge, gently squeeze with both hands. DO NOT TWIST, twisting the sponge may cause rips and tears. Hang the sponge by the attached rope to allow air to dry the sponge from all sides.