Precision Japanese handmade scissors made from the finest VG10, 440C & 9CR steel. Softened movement of the scissors thanks to a special flexible assembly in the joint. Excellent cutting properties and very comfortable in the hand. Comfortable wide grip eyes to prevent finger bruises.

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Japanese steel is a higher quality steel made in two parts; Blades is a Japanese handmade steel with a heat treatment of 440C (also called the Welsh method of heating the steel to its finest quality alloy steel) The blades are smoother, quieter and sharper for longer with this heating method. The handle part is made in a mould similar to the German steel scissors.

Using the correct heating method of 440C is a huge selling point of Profeel Scissors and we can recommend this range with confidence, knowing that they are market leaders in hairdressing shears.

5”, 5.5”, 6”, 6.5” or 7”

Measurements of the palm to middle finger is only a guideline and used when you are not sure about the length of blade most suitable for the size of your hand. Usually, the cutting method will establish the length of blade.

5.5” and 6” is the most popular blade length sizes. The shorter blade sizes will be used for palm cutting, precision and close to skin cutting.

The longer blade sizes are over the knuckles, point cutting and texturizing. Once again this is a personal preference, and it is best chosen from what you are currently using and if you would like to increase the blade size to only increase with a half an inch (if you are use to 5.5” to increase to 6” and not 6.5” at once).

– Close blades before you put them down on soft surfaces – not in reach of clients
– Oil and clean your blades regularly and pack them away at the end of the day
– The tool in your kit is not to take the scissors apart but to loosen or titan blades
– The better you look after your scissors and the less you sharpen the longer they will last