Size: 200ml – A deeply-penetrative and intense mask that provides nourishment, body and silkiness. A rich texture that detangles, protects and deeply restructures the hair.

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Active Ingredients:

A latest-generation technological complex that penetrates the hair fibre, increasing resiliency. It protects the hair from breakages by working from within, enhancing the technical service in progress. Protects the hair from oxidative damage and increases its strength and vigour. Strengthens all types of damaged hair by reducing breakages and rendering it stronger and more resilient. Promotes cuticle closure by refracting the light and rendering the hair visibly shinier

Naturally produced by the body, it is a protein made up of long chains of amino acids and constitutes the main component of our hair. The use of chemicals, hair-dryers and straighteners, pollution, poor diet and stress can weaken both the hair and keratin. An external supply of keratin provides important results in terms of the hair’s strength, elasticity, hydration and deep nourishment.

It is a natural substance present in the body with the purpose of maintaining hydration and protecting the tissue. Particularly present in the liquids of our bones, eyes and skin, it increases the skin’s resilience and elasticity, protecting it and maintaining condition. It also has an impressive effect on the hair, restoring its water balance: thanks to its exceptionally flexible molecular structure, it allows for the formation of a network with a high molecular weight, which visibly increases the volume of the hair.