Size: 145ml – Helps strengthen distressed hair without adding weight. Contains patented technology and cationic proteins. Preps hair as a first in treatment regime. Protects against heat damage.

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Intelligent cationic complexes+amino acid stereo repairing membrane technology. High purity hydrolyzed keratin + superfine hydrolysis technology.

Target on: permed, colored and seriously damaged hair with split, fragile and dull ends. Quickly restores nourishment to hair thereby strengthening the hair core and hair shaft. Protects hair against heat, chemical treatment and environmental harmful elements. Balances hair PH value and enhances hair soft and shine with long lasting moisture.

Collagen protein – Supplies protein to hair, strengthens hair core and hair body, repairs damaged hair and prevents hair breakage.
Ceramide – Provides superior locking ability allowing hair to better retain moisture.
Lecithin – Nourishes hair and improves resistance of hair.