Size: 200ml – Designed to provide quality hair protection during blow drying, heat styling with a hair dryer or styler. Keratin molecules fill the voids and structural gaps in the hair. Repairing damaged areas improves the elasticity and smoothing of the hair, as well as building a protective framework against temperature and any other negative effects.

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This heat protection spray provides effective taming of unruly strands that are knocked out of the hair during high humidity. The product also neutralizes the electrification of hair, reduces its frizz, makes it soft and silky. The extract of tamarind fruits and glutamic acid in the spray tones the curls, normalizes the hydro-balance and saturates the strands with useful substances.

Thanks to the content of UVA, UVB and UVC filters, the product blocks all types of sunlight, prevents the washout and burnout of the pigment and turns dull, dry, brittle locks into shiny, solid and strong. In addition, the spray greatly facilitates hair styling, untangles knots, smoothes, optimizes the use of thermal accessories, improving gliding and does not leave a sticky residue, providing protection and a perfect look of your hair in the rain and in the heat.

Keratin Intensive Repairing
Moistures and repairs the damaged hair, protects against damaged hair from chemical treatments.
Coconut Oil Nourishes Dry and Frizz
Replenishes nourishment to dry and frizz hair, leaving hair more shinier and soft.
Natural Oils Maintain Hair Health
Strengthens and thickens to maintain hair healthy nourished and seals in shine.