Size: 350ml – This shampoo protects hair from frizz caused by humidity and adds moisture without weighing your hair down, providing your hair with deep nourishment and manageability. Enriched with nutrients, keratin protein and coconut oil that helps create luxurious smoothness and intense shine. Gentle enough to be used daily.

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A sulfate- and paraben-free shampoo formula enriched with a mix of keratin, coconut oil, amino acids and quinoa seed extract to effectively prevent tangles, dryness, breakage and loss of pigment. This professional care product is specifically designed for hair elasticity, protection of the hair from the aggressive influence of external factors and to prevent hair frizz. Keratin amino acids return strength and elasticity to the curls, gently smoothing the cuticle, taming the unruly strands, giving a silky smoothness and magic shine.

Keratin Intensive Repairing
Moistures and repairs the damaged hair, protects against damaged hair from chemical treatments.

Coconut Oil Nourishes Dry and Frizz
Replenishes nourishment to dry and frizz hair, leaving hair more shinier and soft.

Natural Oils Maintain Hair Health
Strengthens and thickens to maintain hair healthy nourished and seals in shine.