Size: 318ml – A lightweight & volumising formula. Rich in rice protein. Strengthen hair roots and instantly thickens hair for all day volume. Free of Parabens.

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Protects, nourish & penetrate the hair & plump up the cuticle from the inside out. It provides shine, manageability & movement without weighing hair down, making this product ideal for fine or limp hair.  Infuse light elastic factor into curly and flat hair to make hair vividly elastic. For uncoiling after perm, thin, soft and flat hair.

– Flexible curly
– Light and volume
– Vita pure fragrance care system
– Bouncy volume hair care

Core ingredients:
Volume plant extract compound essence: chamomile, rice protein, strengthen hair core, enhance elasticity and volume to hair shaft
Multiple complex proteins: various plant proteins to nourish hair shaft and repair damaged hair structure

Beaver expert hydro botanical hair therapy series: 5 Core repair technology

PH5.5 Weak acidic formula: Gently on the scalp. Maintain PH balance. Ultra protective film.
Intelligent cationic polymer: Repairs damaged hair, adsorption of static electricity and smooths frizzy hair.
Natural plant ingredients: Natural ingredients formulation, high efficiency in solving different hair problems.
Super moisturizing active factor: Infused with bamboo, water lily, lotus plants essence. High efficiency in water-locking and hydration makes hair moisture and flexible.
Marula nut oil: Strong anti-oxidation and high-efficiency moisturizing. Keeps the hair bright and smooth.