Size: 150ml – Restoring, rinse-off colouring acidifying treatment with a pH of 4.5-5 with direct pigments. Easy and fast to use, direct long-lasting colour to perform tone-on-tone services. No need to mix with any chemicals.

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The pigment is deposited onto the hairs most external surface, the scales/cuticles. It intensely nourishes dyed hair and instantly brightens natural highlights, intensifying the brilliance of the colour. Its acidic pH makes hair silky and shiny from the first treatment, the hair subsequently appears coloured. Coral Pink ideal for a tone intensity of 7-8-9 on natural or bleached hair.

Enhanced colour intensity and shine, intense fragrance, last 6-10 washes, easy to use, conditioning treatment effect.

Apply after shampooing on towel dried hair, for natural highlights and to revive colour. Toning, apply on towel dried hair after bleaching. To tone, enhance highlights, cool down shades.

Note: Gloves are advisable.

Recommended setting time:
– 5 min for a light tone
– 10 min for a medium tone
– 15 min for an intense tone